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Floor plan

Please note that we use different rooms for oral presentations and symposia on Day 1 and Day 2-5. Please also note that the conference hall building is shared with other meetings. In the building, we do not have wifi except for Eduroam, for which you need a lincense.

Plenary Speakers

Irene M. Pepperberg
Rohini Balakrishnan
Takeshi Nishimura (Japanese Plenary)
Claire Spottiswoode (Young Plenary)


S1 The social origins of rhythm
S2 Acoustic sensor arrays for biological research and monitoring across scales
S3 Community ecoacoustics: from patterns to mechanisms of assemblages
S4 Computational and machine learning methods
S5 The anatomy and physiology of vertebrate sound production: from mechanism to function
S6 Causes and consequences of variation in avian vocalization and its relation to language evolution
S7 Individuality in animal acoustic signals: Patterns, processes, and practical applications
S8 Underwater noise effect

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  • One registration includes one poster or oral presentation (symposium talk is considered as one oral presentation).

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